Soul Yoga Fest



Soul Yoga Fest 2019

Bringing yoga to our community is one thing. Bringing yoga that is of us and for us, to the world is another level.

Soul Yoga Fest is the largest FREE Black Yoga Festival in the world. The festival is a FREE celebration of movement, food, culture, and holistic living featuring nationally and internationally known teachers of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Qong, African Dance along with world renown recording artists.



  • On Friday, July 5th we will hold our annual 5th Awards Dinner & Keynote Speaker Energy Doctor Caroline Shola Arewa.

  • On Saturday, July 6th we hold our FREE SOUL YOGA Festival.

  • On Sunday, July 7th Join us for a Guided Tour at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago led by Dr. Caroline Shola Arewa at 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

This year we will feature Master Yirser Ra Hotep, Master Wayne B. Chandler (Chi Qung and Internal Healing Energy Practices), Jill Minard of Yoga House Houston, Kassandra Kernisian founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness in Montreal Canada, Khalidah Kali of Khalidah's North African Dance Experience, Kwesi Karamoko of Washington DC and Jabari Osaze of the Shrine of Ma'at in Harlem New York discussing various aspects of ancient Egyptian history, philosophy and spirituality. Our mission is to bring about a new paradigm in Yoga by resurrecting the original ancient African system of body, mind and spirit formation. Kemetic Yoga™ is the ancient Egyptian system of Yoga enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. The modern version of this ancient system was developed from primary research conducted by Dr. Asar Hapi and Master Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid Lawrence) of Chicago during the 1970s.