Soul Yoga Fest

Kwesi Karamoko

KWESI KARAMOKO, this polymathic fitness enthusiast began his foray into physical, mental and spiritual conditioning in 1972. This occurred after spending the first 21 years with an unhealthy disregard for personal health and fitness. Aside from learning, dabbling and mastering a host of calisthenics, training techniques and disciplines such as African dance, Qigong and Himalayan and Taoist exercises, Karamoko began studying yoga in 1974. Karamoko have studied directly with and received instruction from Masters of several disciplines.

In addition, he has created a dynamic health and energy engendering exercise program based on Ausarian reasoning called Ausarian Joints and Glands. Karamoko has spent over 30 years practicing or studying Indian and Kemetic yoga, Kemetology, astrology and health related subjects such as acupuncture, nutrition, sexology, herb logy and Ayurvedic massage. He is the Director of the Ausarian Tantra Yoga Institute of Detroit. He is currently writing a book on Ausarian Yoga of the Ausarian Mystery.