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6:30 PM9:00 PM

MC:  Yirser Ra Hotep, Keynote Speaker:  Shola Arewa

Awardees: Shola Arewa, Tywanna Patrick, Soyini Najwa



Kemetic Yoga Basics & The YogaSkills Method

9:15AM • 11:00 AM • 12:30 PM • 2:00 PM

This class is designed to give participants an understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of Kemetic Yoga and the YogaSkills Method.  Students will learn the techniques of Rule of Four Breathing, Geometric Progression and how to transfer skills learned on the mat into everyday life.  Students will become more calm and relaxed.  You will also leave with more flexibility, strength and a greater level of fitness. 


Kemetic Yoga Flow

10:00 AM • 12:30 PM • 2:00 PM

Kemetic Yoga is characterized by flowing from one posture into the next while using slow controlled breathing to connect the postures.  In this class participants will learn how to perform movements and postures that are unique to Kemet (ancient Egypt), only seen on the walls of the temples and in the ancient texts. 

Chair Kemetic Yoga for Elders:

11:00 AM • 1:00 PM • 3:00 PM

This class is specifically designed for our elders and others who need to take it nice and slow.  Participants will learn a variety of practices that can be done while sitting in chairs that will still provide tremendous benefits in terms of relieving stress, taking away pain from stiff muscles and joints.  Participants will then learn a gentle standing Kemetic Yoga practice called Teken Sequence that will correct the posture, improve the ability to breathe efficiently and supply more blood to the brain for mental clarity. 


Real Men Do Kemetic Yoga

9:15 AM • 11:15 PM • 1:15 PM • 3:15 PM

This class provides a space for men only to express their masculine energy while improving their ability to relax, focus and improve flexibility and strength.  It is imperative for men to incorporate fundamental relaxation and wellness practices into their lives because they are the first ones to succumb to stress related illness.  This class takes into account the male body type and the challenges specific to men when it comes to Yoga, Meditation and Fitness and offers easy to incorporate practices.  This class is good for high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke risk and will even improve male sexual performance. 

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Dynamic Kemetic Yoga For Power Flexibility & Strength:

10:00 AM • 1:00 PM

This class is for anyone with the African Yoga Warrior Spirit whether you are beginner or experienced practitioner.  What you need is simply the desire to challenge yourself to explore the depth of your capabilities.  This class is designed to provide you with greater endurance, improved athletic capability and increased proficiency in sports and fitness activities.  If you are an experienced Yoga practitioner, martial artist, dancer, athlete or simply someone with the warrior spirit, this class is for you.


Kemetic Yoga for Children

10:00 AM • 12:30 PM • 2:30 PM

This class is appropriate for children of all ages.  Our system of Yoga for children is designed to instill children with the ability to gain self control by getting rid of stress and balancing the hormones that are associated with poor concentration that leads to dysfunctional behavior and low academic performance. We call this Internal Self Regulation or ISR.  In this class we will use story telling combined with basic easy to do poses that will capture the child’s imagination and keep them engaged.  AGES 5 AND ABOVE

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Kemetic Yoga for Real Nubian Queens:

11:30 AM • 1:30 PM

Our African Queens come in all shapes and sizes and deserve to be revered for the Goddesses they truly are.  In this class the sisters who are often shunned in mainstream Yoga classes reign.  You will be lead by accomplished Queenly instructors and allowed to explore your full capacity as a Yoga practitioner.  You will be lead to discover your true levels of flexibility, strength, balance and coordination while performing the most powerful, feminine and sexy poses.  Behold the Sacred Feminine


RSWT QWED:  Kemetic Meditation for Mindfulness and Stress Management

11:00 AM • 2:30 PM

The ancient Egyptian word RSWT QWED refers to being awake while asleep.  It’s symbol is an open eye resting on top of a bed.  This is an ancient Kemetic practice that was taught in the temples as a means of treating post traumatic stress, healing psycho-emotional disorders and using the mind heal chronic illness that does not respond to conventional treatments.  This is also a method of achieving extremely deep states of relaxation, trance and lucid dreaming that enhance creativity and problem solving. 


Kemetic Yoga for the Womb

11:30 AM • 2:00 PM

The womb is the source of human life and is vulnerable to both physical and psycho-spiritual assault.   Womb health is a reflection of a woman’s overall wellness status and must be cared for with love.  In this class you will learn fundamental principles about the nature of the womb and how to care for it.  You will learn Kemetic Yoga postures, breathing techniques, vibrational sound therapies and about nutritional and herbal supplements that ensure the health of this vital aspect of the sacred feminine. 


Sunday JULY 7, 2019



11:30 AM • 2:00 PM

Join us for a Guided Tour at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago led by Dr. Caroline Shola Arewa at 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

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